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Know what you're using. Its a rule that is more often than not very useful one to follow. With Zame we're also developing a plugin called ZeroFrame for Godot (Code), which makes implementing networking over ZeroNet very straightforward. However using any plugin of this sort requires documentation that shows you what functionality is available and how best to use it. Thus we needed a place to store information on how to use the plugin in a clean and easily digestible format. Thus...

Introducing ZeroFrame Docs! Available now on ZeroNet!

The nature of this project and the plugin are forward-moving; we're the first creating a ZeroNet plugin for a game engine that provides clean and easy to use API. Because all of this couldn't be done without ZeroNet, we've decided to host the documentation on ZeroNet itself! This allows us to host the documentation without having to worry about buying a domain, getting HTTPS set up, running a server etc. All we have to do is create the site and publish it using ZeroNet's pretty UI. Here's the address: <- To access you'll need to have ZeroNet running on your computer.

What is ZeroNet?

Hop on over to to visit the official site. If you'd prefer to read a bit about it here however...

...imagine serverless internet.

Everyone is a pseudo-server themselves, seeding and pulling files from each other seamlessly. In short, that's what ZeroNet is. By connecting to a Zite (site + zeronet, get it?) you download some or all of its content from other peers. No servers involved. If one peer goes down, then another can take its place. This makes creating and sharing content incredibly easy and free! It has potential to be a fantastic place for game developers, who would be able to store whatever data they need in a cloud that's not controlled by a single corporation.

Visit the docs site today and let us know what you think!

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