Controller support

Controller support

We recently implemented UI scaling which allows players to enjoy the game on massive screens as well as smaller ones (don't go too small please, you don't want to see what that looks like). Taking one step at a time towards an unforgettable experience we noticed a major flaw in our design. NO CONTROLLER SUPPORT. You've got a controller plugged in? Sorry mate, we haven't mapped that yet.

"Well, that is about to change now." said Krystof, ordered a gamepad and started coding.

Controllers are one of the funnest ways to enjoy playing a game and although we've mainly looked at gameplay and networking features so far, we decided it was time to add support for the godly devices now.

At the moment the game supports XBOX ONE controllers mainly and others will need to testing to see how much their settings align. Considering how Zame only really needs the left stick and a few buttons.


  • Left stick - move
  • A - jump
  • D-pad button - move and jump
  • Right function button - Pause menu
  • A (in a menu) - Confirm
  • B (in a menu) - Cancel

What's next?

Build with the controller too! Now that the base functionality is in, we plan on making the entire Zame experience be available through the gamepad's options. Hence ensuring navigation as well as level editor functions all allow the player/creator to take full advantage of the device by assigning smart shortcuts and functionality to the gamepad's buttons. A number of examples of what we have in mind for the editor controls:

  • Back triggers - Cycle through build tools
  • RB/RT - Build tools menu
  • D-pad & Left stick - building cursor movement
  • Right stick - rotate the block being built
  • Menu button - editor menu
  • A - build
  • B - remove
  • Y - hide side panel menu
  • X - move player to the center of the screen (useful for testing new levels)

You know now how Zame will soon work with controllers and we hope you thoroughly enjoy the experience from the comfortable sofa you like to relax on.

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