Update 0.1 & changelog

A lot has changed, let's get right down to it and see what that was.


  • new visual represatation of toggled delete mode
  • level editor options 
    • toggle view of axis
    • center XY coordinates
    • UI SCALE <- high in demnad, have fun!
      • scale is applied to all ui panels and not just the toolbar
  • Jump pad got new particles, script was updated to give a more consistent feel
  • "Saved" got a new icon in the top right corner in main menu
  • Level editor zoom
    • Zoom in/out with a scrollwheel
  • Double click on a map to load it
  • Camera no longer goes below the death zone
  • Sexy new smashing "CLEAR TEXT" icon for text fields
    • play
    • next song
    • previous
  • UI icons and buttons got a re-skin
  • Made addon UltimateButton for Godot


  • New items can no longer be on top of certain blocks
  • Player no longer moves when the map is saving
  • Divider in the toolbar was repositioned
  • Number field arrows moved and updated
  • Camera can no longer be moved with RMB in play mode

There are things I am aware require fixing though I focused on high priority items this time round which had the potential of greatly improving user experience. The UI has a consistent look that can be scaled up and still look pretty crisp. Level editor options will make the editor user friendly to those with smaller/bigger monitors and the concise feel of the freshly redesigned buttons give a better feel too.

UI Scaling

Never would I have ever thought that implementing UI scaling was going to be so much trouble. Sure you just apply scale to all the elements right? Not even by a long shot. You've got to take a look at how the containers are organised, some will need to be scaled, others made longer or taller. If you've got a gap between windows you want to keep you'll need to apply that too!

Stay tuned, till next time!


zame-windows 19 MB
Version 3 Mar 06, 2019
zame-linux 21 MB
Version 1 Mar 06, 2019
zame-osx 21 MB
Version 1 Mar 06, 2019

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