DEVLOG #1 : changes, improvements and additions and FUN

Having started working on the game bare 48 hours ago, I feel proud of how much has been accomplished so far.


  • tweaked character controller for a better feel
  • lamps are at the right height for the character to be able to jump on them
  • doors need a key to be opened


  • the system that checks for interactive objects in the surroundings has been vastly improved. Works like a solid brick being thrown at a window. Breaks it.


  • spawn point system, one can use any of the lamps to activate it as a place to spawn back to
  • doors lead to new levels (changing of the maps hasn't been implemented yet)
  • main menu
  • loading screen
  • notification center logic


An error was thrown at me, saying that it can't find a node called THE WORLD. Problem is... there was no such node at all. At all.

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Jun 06, 2018
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Jun 06, 2018

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