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Innovative puzzle platformer

A puzzle platformer created for the Godot Wild Jam #2.

Within you lies the power to see and touch music.

You wake up and the only thing you feel is something is different. All the colour around you have a sound! At time you can hear them but cannot see them which proves all the more dangerous.

Jump away or onto the platform of your destiny, get used to the sound and train your reflexes. (Don't worry we left quite the number of checkpoints for you to respawn at ;) )


Platforms have colours (Red, Yellow and Blue) and each colour has its own unique sound. As the player, you cycle through the colours using LMB (left mouse button). Only when the selected colour and the colour of the platform match can you touch it.

One step further, hold your horses as this is where it gets real fun, some platforms are hidden, and your only chance of knowing which colour to pick is their sound. Each colour, as you remember, has its own sound, hence as you're jumping onto a hidden platform you will have to listen to it real good and quickly decide which colour it is.

Guessed well? The platform shows up

Not the right one? You fall right through and respawning to the last checkpoint it is!


Move - WASD

Jump - Spacebar

Panic button - Escape (in case it's too much we implemented a pause menu *wink*)

Change colour - Left mouse button (LMB)


is the team behind this marvel. Formed for the  Godot Wild Jam and composes of three wild people, none of which are weird. At all.

The Future

A post jam version of the game is foreseeable considering we're enthusiastic about making the game better, taking it further before decided what to do with it next. Ideally we make it into a complete game with levels, and maps, and colours and sounds! Oh the sound effects!


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