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Control the magic of color and explore a rich, whimsical and fantasy world all in this first person puzzle platformer. In active development.

You are transported to a brand new world by unknown magic and a wizard tells you that you are to do his bidding should you desire to return, should you not, you may very well become a wizard yourself. You are sent into a whimsical world of magic, with talking cactuses and hen, where you explore by using color magic to your advantage. The game will test your critical thinking, give you awesome options to explore the world and get to know a mysterious wizard much better!

No GUI!... sort of!

Blind Faith does away with the common idea of populating the screen with UI elements that are spread all over and instead focuses the entire experience into a phone screen that's visible in the bottom left corner.

The wizard

A rockstar, a hipster, the one wizard who's sole purpose is to do things differently. He doesn't just sit on his broomstick, he dabs. He uses one leg instead of two, he wears stylish sunglasses and goes left, when everyone goes right. 

The lore

Meet the residents of the world, uncover the mysteries of the world by talking to them and perhaps helping them out. Worry not, they'll do their best to not bite your head off. Characters of the world provide valuable information they either tell you directly or send messages to your phone!


There's many! Hit the pause menu to discover the rest of them, for the most commonly needed ones here's the rundown:

Move - WASD + Mouse

Jump - Space

Change colour - LMB/RMB

Change Screen - Q and E

Pause menu - Esc

Original concept made for Godot Wild Jam #2.

Prototype phase was supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.


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Blind Faith - windows prototype 2 102 MB

Development log


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Wow! I really like the artstyle and the mechanics, I do also see a number of things that could be improved do you want feedback?

JualianSqrl, absolutely friend! Feel free to either send the feedback here or chat with me directly over at our discord at: https://discord.gg/bWxcZjn

Looking forward.