Prototype bugfixes!

having released the first prototype just four days ago, we quickly noticed a couple of things that could enhance your experience in this short demo as well as help us design the game in alignment with our player’s playstyle. Here’s a rundown of what’s new.


  • jump pads wouldn’t always register the player walking over them
  • welcome screen would show up in the wrong place on the first start
  • slightly tweaked the magical orb distribution among the levels

newly added

  • iteration on second level’s design
  • tweaked particle effects of the wizzard (they snap onto the broomstick now! yuss)
  • updated visual on the orb
  • GameAnalytics module

GameAnalytics module

Having successfuly built the engine with the module, we’ve added analytics into the game that will help us design it better. No worries, these won’t be going to any places, in fact there is no collecting of anything personal. We do however, get important data that will help us understand how you play the game. So what sort of things will we be reading into?

  • how long it takes to go from one level to another
  • how many orbs players collect
  • how long a session time lasts
  • how much time is spent in the hub world
  • whether people utilise the options screen

This is only a little update, do enjoy and should you have any questions, let us know! Thanks!


Blind Faith - windows prototype 2 102 MB
Apr 22, 2021

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