Mad Productivity 0.0.2 : a little massive update! (also open source now)

I don’t even know where to start!

We spent the last couple of weeks doing two things, one making the app support pomodoro time tracking (with additional bug fixing and what have you) and preparing to release Mad Productivity as open source. We went ahead with MIT as we felt that gave the most freedom to anyone wishing to take a look and perhaps make it into something awesome-er.

So the repo is now public on our Github page -> Mad Productivity github

There’s so much more that’s changed, been tweaked or outright new, for more a detailed look into those, here’s the full changelog:



  • Start using KeepAChangelog
  • Time tracking panel
  • Time tracking panel button to the top of the main menu
  • Pomodoro time tracking
  • Pomodoro settings
  • Todo’s project section
  • An animated progress bar for projects in Todos
  • Initial support for theming
  • Theme settings
  • Top panel contextual button and user input fields
  • User shortcuts
  • User saves
  • User themes
  • Empty game view
  • Customizable user quotes
  • Concepts (./.concepts/)
  • Design files (./.designs/)
  • Readme
  • “TBD” text to the game view
  • New type of button which charges by having the user click and hold LMB
  • Settings
  • Auto save every 10 seconds
  • Animation to checkboxes of tasks


  • Data handling in TimeTracking
  • Moving the window about now limits its position to the size of the window itself. Can’t go off to infinity anymore!
  • Default theme (to encourage you the user, to create your own as well!)
  • Default layout was made more responsive
  • StyleBoxes and used themes saved into resources
  • Default theme
  • Custom app bar icons
  • Sending signals related to finished time track
  • License to MIT
  • .ico increase in dimension
  • View name position, color and size


  • Reminders view
  • Time Tracking Panel from the Time tracking view
  • Colours hard set to the original theme
  • Calendar addon
  • Todo addon
  • Legacy icons used only in he previous version


Mad Productivity Windows 0.0.2 15 MB
Nov 11, 2021
Mad Productivity Linux 0.0.2 16 MB
Nov 11, 2021
Mad Productivity OSX 0.0.2 28 MB
Nov 11, 2021

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Congratulations with the release,  and thank you for the brave move!

Please accept my warm greetings and best wishes :-D


This looks so good! A really nice tracker, thanks for adding pomodoro timer!!!

(1 edit)

Glad you like it! Now that it’s open source as well it’s already getting some love from users and programmers, hence there should be updates more often now.

Also the pomodoro is a fun one! It’s refreshing to be working with it as well, making sure you take frequent breaks.


Literally was using MasterProductivity as I read this! Awesome! Thanks for updating this!

Although it seems I’m experiencing a bug with the new 0.02 version where it automatically closes unlike the previous version:

Oh my! There must be an issue with the previously created resources. Let me create a hot fix for your issue :)

Also feel free to get in touch at our discord, if we debug this together it’ll be faster and it’ll also benefit the app!

Thank you Deertears