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The control is awful... unplayable sorry..

newg --> go away! make self games and dont disturb the people here!

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The game is not so good and it's my fault ???

thanks for the feedback! i was curious about the player’s perception of the controls and agree they leave much to desired.

Yep, I wanted to appreciate the game, but the control made the experience not enjoyable. I 'm sure with a few modification, it will be better :)


Very relaxing and great for someone like me!
I got stuck once after using the shop because of my boat not stopping, driving into a wall and clipping into it. Maybe make it stop when using UI?

Aha! Yes this is one thing I haven’t fixed yet! I’ve got a brand new update up and coming that will be live in a couple of days. I’ll be sure to implement the fix for this bug as well. Thanks!


I checked it out after watching a little bit of your devlogs. I'm drawn to the boat (visuals) big time. I wasn't to keen on the maneuverability of the boat or the fishing experience. I think you definitely have something with the boat and especially if it sloshed about with some sounds. I feel like waves and bigger menacing boats should be involved some how but that might come from too much time in SoT or Thomas the Train experiences. Anyway, I really like the potential of this one. 


Thanks! I’ve been working on an update that fixes bugs, implements better economy and an overall finer difficulty progression. I do plan on pursuing this at least a little further to see how it goes :)


Took me a minute + 1 browser refresh to find the tip at bottom right so I could get past the first dialog. Thought the game froze.

There’s an update i forgot to push which makes the message visible, forgot to upload.


I really like the atmosphere of this game